Dutch as a second language


 Levels: beginners and advanced

  •  Intensive beginners course (up to level A2)
    Get introduced to the Dutch language and feel comfortable in  daily situations.
    Learn about Dutch culture and traditions.
  •  Improve your communication at work (Business Dutch).
  •  Prepare for Staatsexamen NT2, pr0gramme I or II  ( B1 or B2).

Types of course

  • one-on-one training, at your company, your home or at Taalroute in Amsterdam (east)
  • small group

Taalroute courses come in blocks of 10 lessons. After 10 lessons, we evaluate progress and decide  how to proceed. We do not charge extra for courses given in the evening or weekend.
Private lesson :  €60,–  (1.5 hour)

For more information please call Stans Koning: 06.81915748 or fill out the ‘contact’ form.

When you finish a block in spring, we can take a bikeride through the blooming fields.
In April and May  you will see and smell endless fields of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.

Some students and me visiting the blooming fields, May 2015.


bloembol groep                  



For DPA Professionals i  organized an excursion for a group of expats. Here they are overlookinhg the blooming daffodils, April 2016.




                                                                                                                                                         Winter in AmsterdamAmsterdamWinter

When you finish a block in winter, if you want to try,  we go skating.


When you finish a block in summer, if you like to bike, we take a bikeride. You have to see Marken!


When you finish a block in Autumn, we can visit the Rembrandthuis or Rijksmuseum.


With my students from Syria at The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, July 2017

rijksmuseum almere